Frequently Asked Questions

How often is my property appraised?
If no changes to property have changed since last re-appraisal cycle, our County is under a five year cycle, every five years.

How do I apply for the Homestead credit? And is there a deadline?
Once a property transaction is filed with the Circuit Clerk's office, we make changes to ownership of property and send a homestead form to new property owners. You may also call our office to check the status of your homestead credit. The deadline for filing for the homestead credit for the current taxable year is October 10.

How do I purchase tax delinquent properties?
All tax delinquent sales are serviced through the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands who conducts public auctions once a year in which property is located. For more information see the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands' website.

Are your records available on-line?

Do I need to contact the Assessor's office if a building is removed or burned?
Yes as our appraisers may have already been in your area and will not return to that area until the next reappraisal cycle. Once notified, we can send an appraiser back to your area to re-appraise your property.

Are there other ways that I can assess besides coming into the office?
Yes we offer on-line assessment and you may also assess over the phone. If it is for a new vehicle purchase, we cannot assess that on-line or by phone, you will have to do that in person at the Assessor's office.

What do I have to assess?
Anything that you have to purchase a tag for, i.e. vehicles, boats, motors, trailers, 4-wheelers, etc.

What is the penalty for late assessment?
10% of your assessment value for the year of late assessment.

Can I assess my personal property anywhere in the State?
No. You are only allowed to assess in the county which you claim as your primary residence.

At what age can you assess on your own?
Arkansas Statue states: Every person of full age and sound mind shall list the personal property he/she is the owner of, situated in the county of which he/she resides.