Circuit Clerk’s Office Recording Fees

Our Fees
Our costs are listed below. For the return of your recorded instrument or file-marked copies, WE REQUEST THAT YOU SEND A SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE.
21-6-306 Recording fees for land records (including Lis Pendens, plats, surveys, notary bonds, in-State foreign judgments (must be certified), materialman’s liens)SEE REQUIREMENTS BELOW 1st page $ 15.00
Each additional $ 5.00

For mortgage assignments, mortgage releases, and other instruments are listed in a single document, an additional fee of fifteen ($15.00) per instrument listed not to exceed three hundred ($300) shall be charged.
4-9-501 UCC search (per name)   $6.00
First copy   $6.00
Each page thereafter   $0.50

If your original document does not meet the above standards, the recorder may waive the requirements for good cause and record your document for an additional $25.00. Said fee is in addition to the regular recording fees.

All deeds must have the following affidavit signed: “I certify under penalty of false swearing that documentary stamps or a documentary symbol in the legally correct amount has been placed on this instrument.”

All deeds must have the address for the tax statement or the document will be returned.

A personal request is that you do not fold your documents when mailing them to this office but that instead you mail them in a large envelope. The creases made when folding can result in black lines across the document when scanned. Non-textured 20 lb. bond paper is preferred for scanning.

Cost For Recording A Document

1 pg $15.00 2 pg $20.00 3 pg $25.00 4 pg $30.00 5 pg $35.00
6 pg $40.00 7 pg $45.00 8 pg $50.00 9 pg $55.00 10 pg $60.00
11 pg $65.00 12 pg $70.00 13 pg $75.00 14 pg $80.00 15 pg $85.00
16 pg $90.00 17 pg $95.00 18 pg $100.00 19 pg $105.00 20 pg $110.00
Plus $5.00 per ea additional page