County Treasurer

County Treasurer Daniel Watson
County Treasurer Daniel Watson
300 Main Street, Room 6
Van Buren, Arkansas 72956
: 479-474-6641
: 479-474-5072 (fax)
: [email protected]

Duties of the Treasurer
The County Treasurer receipts all money that is payable to the County Treasury and disburses funding to municipalities and school districts within the county. The Treasurer keeps a true and accurate account of all money received and disbursed and records of all warrants and checks paid.

Tasks of the Crawford County Treasurer

  • Attends all budget/Quorum Court Meetings
  • Keeps a balanced budget.
  • Develops anticipated revenue report for county budget
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • School District ACH distribution
  • Municipal Government ACH Distribution
  • State Land Redemption Deeds Distribution
  • State Land Limited Warranty Deeds Distribution
  • Delinquent Personal Property Tax Distribution
  • Delinquent Real Estate Tax Distribution
  • Current Real Estate Tax Distribution
  • Current Personal Property Tax Distribution
  • Homestead Property Tax Relief Distribution
  • Act 833 Distribution
  • Act 1256 Receipts and Distribution
  • Act 1256 Reporting
  • Tax Collector Final Settlement
  • Emergency 911 Surcharges
  • Crawford County Library Reports
  • Crawford County Library Receipts
  • Payroll Initiation
  • Monthly Ad Valorem Report
  • Yearly Ad Valorem Report